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MkDocs plugin that adds a page to your site combining all pages, allowing your site visitors to File > Print > Save as PDF the entire site.


Install the plugin using pip3:

pip3 install mkdocs-print-site-plugin

Next, add the following lines to your mkdocs.yml:

  - search
  - print-site

⚠ Make sure to put print-site to the bottom of the plugin list. This is because other plugins might alter your site (like the navigation), and you want these changes included in the print page.

If you have no plugins entry in your config file yet, you'll likely also want to add the search plugin. MkDocs enables it by default if there is no plugins entry set.


  • Navigate to /print_page/ or print_page.html
  • Export to standalone HTML (see export to HTML)
  • Export to PDF using your browser using File > Print > Save as PDF (see export to PDF)

Last update: 2022-06-01
Created: 2022-06-01