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Exclude content from print

You might want to exclude certain parts of you website from the print site page. This can be useful when you don't want to include certain page, large images, tables, certain admonitions or appendixes to your site exports.

Ignoring elements in a page

mkdocs-print-site-plugin offers the CSS class .print-site-plugin-ignore, that will ignore certain elements.

The Attribute Lists extension, which is part of the standard Markdown library, allows to add HTML attributes and CSS classes to Markdown elements, and needs to be enabled in your mkdocs.yml.

To apply the .print-site-plugin-ignore class to an element you can use {: .print-site-plugin-ignore } on many different markdown elements, as explained in the attr_list docs. attr_list does not support all markdown elements (see limitations), but remember Markdown is a subset of HTML and anything which cannot be expressed in Markdown can always be expressed with raw HTML directly.


    - print-site

    - attr_list
# Example page

This paragraph will not be part of the print site page.
{: .print-site-plugin-ignore }

![ignored image](some/path/image.png){: .print-site-plugin-ignore }

You can also use HTML to hide things from printing:
<span class="print-site-plugin-ignore">hello</span>

Ignoring admonitions

Adding a class to admonitions is not supported by attr_list. You can use the .print-site-plugin-ignore class directly on admonitions however.


!!! info print-site-plugin-ignore

    As an example, this admonition will not be printed. Go have a look at the [print site page](/print_page.html) and you'll find it missing.

Which renders as:

Ignoring an entire page

In the plugin configuration in mkdocs.yml you can specify a list of page source paths (one per line) that should not be included in the print page (excluded from processing by this plugin). This can be useful for example to exlude large appendixes that you only want to display on the web version. The source path of a page is relative to your docs/ folder. You can also use globs instead of full source paths. To exclude docs/subfolder/ specify in your mkdocs.yml a line under exclude: with - subfolder/


# mkdocs.yml
  - print-site:
        - subfolder/
        - folder/*