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In supported themes

  • mkdocs-material: offers deep integration for this plugin within when using the Insiders version. No additional setup is required, and styling is taken care of also. Sponsoring Mkdocs Material is great way to give support MkDocs and really helps the MkDocs open source ecosystem.

In markdown pages

You can use the following jinja tags to insert content into your markdown pages:

  • {{ git_page_authors }} a summary of the authors of a page. Output wrapped in <span class='git-page-authors'>
  • {{ git_site_authors }} a summary of all authors of all pages in your site. Output wrapped in <span class='git-site-authors'>

For example, adding Tim Vink (97.79%), Vladislav Sharapov (2.21%) could insert:

<span class='git-page-authors'><a href=''>Jane Doe</a><a href=''>John Doe</a></span>

Which renders as:

Jane Doe, John Doe

In theme customizations

MkDocs offers possibilities to customize an existing theme. See two examples below:

mkdocs-material theme

The mkdocs-material theme has built-in integration for git-authors starting from version 9.5.0.

If you use mkdocs-material theme version lower than 9.5.0 you can implement git-authors by overriding a template block:

1) Create a new file main.html in docs/overrides:

{% extends "base.html" %}

{% block content %}
  {{ super() }}

  {% if git_page_authors %}
    <div class="md-source-date">
          Authors: {{ git_page_authors | default('enable mkdocs-git-authors-plugin') }}
  {% endif %}
{% endblock %}

2) In mkdocs.yml make sure to specify the custom directory with the theme overrides:

    name: material
    custom_dir: docs/overrides

mkdocs theme

In the default MkDocs theme we can use overriding partials to add the git-authors info below the page content.

1) Create a new file content.html in docs/overrides:

<!-- Overwrites content.html base mkdocs theme, taken from -->

{% if page.meta.source %}
    <div class="source-links">
    {% for filename in page.meta.source %}
        <span class="label label-primary">{{ filename }}</span>
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

{{ page.content }}

{% if git_page_authors %}
  <p><small>Authors: {{ git_page_authors | default('enable mkdocs-git-authors-plugin') }}</small></p>
{% endif %}

2) In mkdocs.yml make sure to specify the custom directory with the theme overrides:

    name: mkdocs
    custom_dir: docs/overrides

In theme templates

To add more detailed git author information to your theme you can customize a MkDocs theme or even develop your own.

When enabling this plugin, you will have access to the jinja2 variable git_info which contains as dict with the following structure:

  'page_authors' : [
    'name' : 'Jane Doe',
    'email' : '',
    'last_datetime' : datetime.datetime(),
    'lines' : 200,
    'contribution' : '40.0%'
    'name' : 'John Doe',
    'email' : '',
    'last_datetime' : datetime.datetime(),
    'lines' : 300,
    'contribution' : '60.0%'
 'site_authors' : # same structure

Example usage in theme development

An example of how to use in your templates:

{% if git_info %}
  {%- for author in git_info.get('page_authors') -%}
    <a href="{{ }}" title="{{ }}">
      {{ }}
  {%- endfor -%}
{% endif %}

Alternatively, you could use the simple pre-formatted Tim Vink (97.79%), Vladislav Sharapov (2.21%) to insert a summary of the authors.

Authors: Tim Vink (97.79%), Vladislav Sharapov (2.21%)